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Sian Faber is an Artist in Transition… from painting to sculpture…. from watercolours to glass & marble... from the beaches of New Zealand & Australia to the mountains of Southern Spain.


She is translating her dramatic wave paintings into the flowing movement of water in her 2D wall sculptures. 
Connecting opposite ends of the physical spectrum - liquids to solids - placing thousands of hand-cut glass shards in rhythmical repetitions to create the optical illusion of movement.

Movement from stone... Water from stone.


From her foundation years as a New Zealand and Australian artist, Sian is enjoying expanding her horizons learning traditional and time honoured techniques in new media so she can deliver her story with a contemporary voice. Her sculpture projects in Spain have already taken her to Italy, Morrocco & India in search of source materials.






Sian Faber graduated from Elam Fine Art School, Auckland University, New Zealand, before traveling to Sydney, Australia where she lived and worked for 30 years, before moving to Andalucia, in Southern Spain.


Andalucia, Southern Spain

2018 Art Gaucin
2017 Art Gaucin
2016 Spilembergo & Ravenna: Courses covering Mosaic Theory & Technique
Sydney, Australia
2017  Artist Showcase - Dr Zachariah Surgery
2016  Solo Exhibition -“Harbour Bridge Views” - Potts Pt.
  Finalist, Art Prize - Waverley
  Finalist, Art  Prize - Hunters Hill 
2015  Solo Exhibition - “Beachside” - Paddington
2014  Solo Exhibition -“Silhouettes and Seascapes” - Bronte Surf Club
  Archibald Prize Entrant Show, “Swim Coach” - Bondi Icebergs Club
2013  Solo Exhibition “50 Shades of Blue” - Kings Cross
  Solo Exhibition - Artist Studio Pop Up - Kings Cross 
2012  Solo Exhibition - “Dancer Sketches” - Potts Point
  Solo Exhibition  “Bondi Breakers”- Bondi Beach
  Group Arts Exhibition - Riverside College
2011  “Bondi Breaker” Exhibition - Changeable Art show (Sold Out)
  Solo Exhibition “Breakers and Jazz” with Avenue Manouche - Vaucluse
  Solo Exhibition -“Bondi Breakers” - Vaucluse 
  Group Arts Exhibition - Riverside College
2010  Group Arts Exhibition - Waverley
  Group Show - Gallery 307 - Northbridge 
2009  Group Arts Exhibition - Waverley
2008  Group Arts Exhibition - Waverley
New Zealand
1998  Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduate (Elam Fine Arts School, Auckland University)
  Majoring in time-based experimental film & sculptural installations
Sian Faber artworks are held in private collections in America, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Spain, Italy and France.



Collioure - beautiful by day, wonderful by night

Collioure is at the very bottom left of  southern France.


In the early 20th century, it became a center of artistic activity - particularly with Fauve artists.

André Derain, Henri Matisse, & Pablo Picasso all were inspired by Collioure's royal castle, medieval streets, converted lighthouse & its typical Mediterranean bay.


Inspirational Miro

Joan Miro has been - and still remains - an inspiration to me.


His work has been interpreted as Surrealism, a sandbox for the subconscious mind, a re-creation of the childlike, and a manifestation of Catalan pride.


These shots are from the Joan Miro' s museum (Fundació Joan Miro) established in his native city of Barcelona in 1975.


Palafrugell, Catalonia -  Contemporary Sculpture Museum

My type of bull-fighting.


One of many wonderful pieces not only at the museum, but throughout Parafrugell... on sidewalks & roundabouts, by pedestrian squares & cafes - everywhere.

They really appreciate art here.


Hunter's Hill Art Prize, Sydney- 2016


Andy's Birthday - Beach AcroYoga... Painting?

My dear friend Andy Purcell had a big birthday milestone... so we all went to the beach for some AcroYoga. 

The talented Mark Bond (0432 612 246) photographed it all and I'm thinking of distilling the essence into a painting - Watch this space.

Art Gaucin -2018

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