Sian Faber is an artist who has moved from painting to sculpture, from watercolours to glass & stone,

& from the beaches of Australia to the mountains of Southern Spain.


Her latest works are a series of wall-hanging sculptures which connect the opposite ends of the

physical spectrum - "Water from Stone” & "Movement from Stone"


From Painter...


Sian always had a passion for ocean and beaches, and in Sydney she painted dramatic wave paintings, "using water to paint water” as she said.

.... to Sculptor


The opportunity to extend herself as an artist with the move to Europe was too good to miss. So she travelled, & marvelled & studied... and the result has been that she’s emerged with a new medium. 


This is an adaption of the Byzantine mosaic techniques she studied in Italy - but with a contemporary twist.


And while she's held true to the subject of water & its movement, this too has been given a contemporary twist & moved toward the abstract.


To produce these 2- dimensional wall-mounted sculptures, Sian first chooses a stone 'setting' as her canvas.


Then, she personally hand-cuts & places thousands of tiny glass shards in a ripply water pattern that interplays with light - just like the sun reflecting off the surface of streams, seas & lakes. 


This allows her to juxtapose the movement of water with the beautiful markings left in the stone which were - themselves - caused by movement, the earth's movement.


In this way, the artwork engages on multiple levels. There's a relationship between nature & the artist, the relationship between the stone setting & the glass shards (movement, stone & water) and - on a whole different level - the changing interplay of light absorbing, reflecting or refracting off the shards & stone.  


This is something to be experienced in person as it can't be captured faithfully by the still image.


In the artist's own words

My Journey... 


The last couple of years have been all about change & adaptation for my husband and I.


After 30 years living in Sydney’s urban vibrancy, we’re now living in Gaucin, a small pueblo blanco on a mountain top in Andalucia, one of the most beautiful parts of Spain. We are adapting to a new hemisphere, new continent, new country, new culture, new language, new side of the road to drive on, new food & new friends.


Originally I thought I’d be painting in oils in Europe... but with so many disruptions & new influences, I abandoned all pre-conceived ideas & just went with the flow, remaining ‘open’ & hoping somehow that the old and new would cross-fertilise.


After a steep learning curve in which we've visited  4 continents to source our materials & to learn techniques, I've emerged with a new perspective & a new medium.  I’m also reaping the benefits afforded to me by working full-time on my art.


When I paint in watercolour - I work swiftly, with light-handed immediacy in a controlled chaos, whether the result is good or bad, I am going to get there quickly. Now when I am working  in stone & glass  it is a measured process working piece by piece in rhythmical patterns,in a much more meditative practice.


Seeing my vision slowly materialise pixel-by-pixel right before my eyes is very satisfying.


 Working directly onto my canvases of natural stone I focus on augmenting and harmonising with my glass shards to the colours and movement suggested in the marble.


I like the idea that collectors of my artwork will be hanging a piece of the mountain itself on their own walls. 

 I feel very lucky for where I have ended up after a couple of years in which I seemed intent on changing all I’d ever known as constant. Sometimes the only constant is that you are yourself, and your view is yours alone and thus unique. However throughout my journeying, the natural beauty of this planet we are privileged to live on has constantly blown me away.

I feel that Mother Nature herself is a formidable abstract artist, unconcerned with proving her reality. 

As a mere human being I continue to try to emulate her, looking for the dynamic laws of rhythm and chaos that rule the nature of everything.

Of course I also invite you to visit the studio in Spain whenever you are able, just send me a message so I know to expect you.


The majority of Sian's artworks have been commissioned & are in private collection in Australia, the UK and USA.

At present, she is creating a body of work for Art Gaucin, Spain in May/June this year & formal gallery exhibition in late 2019 & early 2020.


Sian Faber Artworks    

Estudio de la Huerta del Convento, Gaucin,
Andalucia, SPAIN


Tel: +34 637 143 075 

Personal WhatsApp: +61 418 284 349