19. September 2023
Fire & Water - Inspiration
Here's what the images show, top to bottom: The original photo reference/inspiration, plates of 'art glass' (before it's cut up into into pieces), Sketches of wall sculptures options, and minature marquettes trials using cut glass.
19. September 2023
Eculturas de Piedra y Vidrio
Eculturas de Piedra y Vidrio I think this was from the Exhibition Proposal for my 2023 Estepona Exhibition.
19. September 2023
Cocktail de Jour
Orange cocktails... our eSpeciality in eStudio Siani! Why? Because we have a prolific orange tree right outside our studio door.
17. August 2023
Flamenco Caberet
The owner of La Fructuosa's new restaurant chose these two dancers for his restaurant's visual cabaret.
29. July 2023
Flamenco Poster Gal
So honoured that my painting was selected for the local flamenco poster... been humbled by the great response from the locals.
26. July 2023
Flamenco Crazy
So... the Mayor asked that my flamenco series be displayed for the period of the festival. Happy to oblige.
21. June 2023
It's been a blast...  Thanks, Estepona!
It's been a blast... Thanks, Estepona!
21. June 2023
My favourite sale
On the last day... the cleaner asked how much this piece was... I offered a discount, she returned with the money but insisted on paying full price. My favourite sale.
19. June 2023
From Painting to Wall Sculpture
(Sorry about the sound quality) I'm showing how I paint the wall sculpture's interior prior to ordering the glass, cutting it & placing the thousands of tesserae into the stone setting.
17. June 2023
Wadström Tönnheim Gallery
Mattias Tönnheim at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery

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