28. May 2021
CLICK "Read more..." for Video: First Reactions - ShardCuts Wall Sculptures - Gaucin, Spain - 2019
First Reactions to my ShardCuts Wall Sculptures - Gaucin, Spain - 2019 (This was a first viewing... nothing was actually For Sale)
19. August 2020
The artist in her safe place... protected by her homeland. Brick Bay Sculpture Walk, Warkworth, New Zealand - July 2020
15. July 2020
Protective Cases / Display Cases
Protective & Display Case... showing how two medium size Wall Sculptures (or a diptych) would appear.
30. January 2020
Click "Read more..." for video: Light Interplay w ShardCut Wall Sculptures
The changing interplay of light absorbing, reflecting or refracting off the glass shards & stone - see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ_b5jSe6lM .
12. December 2019
Hong Kong Nov 2019 Visiting our suppliers Tony & Sophie in Hong Kong... they make the protection cases for the ShardCut wall scultpures.
16. May 2019
Honoured to have exhibited in my third Art Gaucin - its 15th since inception.
16. April 2019
Selecting the stone "setting" for my sculptures is always a fun - though humbling - experience. Jaipur, India is filled with a treasure trove of marble yards and helpful suppliers. The stunning marble in the picture is native to India.
15. April 2019
Click 'Read more..." for Video: Sian's Estudio de la Huerta del Convento, Gaucin (Sian Faber Artworks - drone2018)
Drone video... starts within studio, showing the village & the lovely location - right on the edge of the village where it meets the countryside.

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